The Dabinport

 The Dabinport is a Flower Observation Box with a Dab/accessory tray magnetized to the top...It has a removable wood bottom for cleaning under the glass while protecting it at the same time...A must have for the serious Flower/Dab connoisseur!!

                  JUST THE FACTS

               Made in Oregon by caring hands
                     A very functional design
                  Made with 1/2" Baltic Birch
                  All natural orange oil finish 
 Hand rubbed finished with 100% organic bees wax
                        203 micron / 83 l.p.i.  
  Individually numbered guaranteeing authenticity
        Glass is recycled from replaced windows


  Length: 10"
  Width: 10"
  Height: 2 3/4"
  Inside tray width 9"
  Inside tray length: 9"
  Material thickness: .5"
                           Glass width: 9.5"                            Glass length:9.5"