Sometime in 1998 after learning what a pollen box was David made a batch of about ten boxes he gave them to his closest friends. And then after changing the design to function more properly and naming it the Gold Miner, he began his first batch of pollen boxes. Having only one design at the time he made two sizes (small and large) and started a batch of about 40 pollen boxes. Shortly after he finished he sold some to a friend who had a store called the T-Zone in his home town of Salem Oregon.                                                                                                                                                   

Being very busy with Creative Woodworks he didnt try to grow his customer base and the T Zone was the only store to have any of his boxes until 2004. With a deep passion for this industry and his love of woodorking ,he decided to focus on pollen boxes full time and in 2005 he came up with the name Oregon Rootz and slowley worked his way out of Creative Woodworks.                                                                                                                                   

The next year he was asked by The Third Eye if he wanted to set up Oregon Rootz in there booth at the Portland Hempstalk Festival. After gladly accepting he found himself sitting right behind Jack Herer and he was invited into the conversation the whole weekend. After this divine appointment his enthusiasm for the culture was enhanced to a much higher level.                                                                                                                                              

Over the years to follow he has grown Oregon Rootz product line into six different styles of pollen boxes containing 37 different boxes of various sizes. Being the pioneering leader in pollen box design Oregon Rootz has single handidly created a market for pollen boxes with its wide variety of sizes and styles. Prior to Oregon Rootz ,Pollen box displays consisted of nothing more than a couple different boxes and were usually displayed behind the counter or low in the corner of a case. With our attractive display were able to get the attention of customers not familiar with pollen boxes.